W.641: Selection of Poems

This manuscript is a selection of poems by the famous poet Nūr al-Dīn ‘Abd al-Raḥmān Jāmī (d. 898 AH / 1492 CE). The colophon indicates that it was penned in Herat (present-day Afghanistan) by Sulṭān ‘Alī in 899 AH / 1493-4 CE.

Folio 70b

Folio from an Islamic Manuscript

Sulṭān ‘Alī, the scribe, offered his name and the year the manuscript was completed in this triangular colophon. He also indicates that the manuscript was produced in Herat, present day Afghanistan.

Folio 17a

Folio from an Islamic Manuscript

Sulṭān ‘Alī was the scribe who penned this text in nasta‘liq. Used primarily for copying literary works, nasta‘liq ’s distinctive graphic qualities include words descending below the baseline, elongated horizontal lines, and stacking of the last letter or word on the line.

Folio 1b

Folio from an Islamic Manuscript

This is the opening page of the book, which is illuminated with a rectangular headpiece with the inscription in the New Abbasid Style ('broken cursive') in gold ink on deep-blue background. The inscription reads: Allāh wa-lā siwāhu.